Introducing the best selling, aerodynamic mainsail reefing system. The Easyreef™ System provides the freedom and convenience of reefing from the cockpit, enabling speed and reliability in all sailing conditions and is suitable for yachts ranging from 18ft to 90ft.

The system has the additional benefits:

:: Hoisting the main sail only once a year
:: No more sail covers to put on or take off
:: Longer sail life
:: Ease of maintenance

With conventional reefing you only have the choice of one, two or three slabs.

Easyreef™ main reefing enables you to vary the sail incrementally inch by inch, foot by foot, thus gaining the ability to have exactly the right amount of sail for the conditions.

There is no need to come about when taking a reef, you simply ease the clew off, take in the slack with the reefing line and then re-set the sail by hauling the clew.

Easyreef™ comes complete with outhaul and reefing lines, blocks, pulleys, shackles, boom track and car.

When installing the Easyreef™ System our Maxi Roach™ Sail System is fitted as standard. Past experience has proven that a re-cut sail does not perform as efficiently and proves a false economy.

The Easyreef™ line drive is designed so that the sail can only be wound in one way.

With other continuous line systems, you can wind the spar the wrong way, thus rolling the sail back to front, you will eventually get the sail out but it could be difficult.

The line drive design includes a stainless steel guide bar which effectively eliminates riding turns when reefing.

The Easyreef Fair Lead System ensures that there is no chafing with the main topping left and genoa halyards.